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Experience 3-Dimensional, Full Body Sound through our...

How we listen to music is changing! 

UPgrade your listening experience to full body immersion!

Listen to your music from the inside out

be a part of it like never before!






The Vibroacoustic Sound Lounge delivers sound and frequency directly to the body. Our products offer new ways of balancing the body, mind and spirit. Easy to use, setup and enjoy. Listening to your favorite music  will never be the same! 




VASL Systems use Tactile Transducer technology to activate your cells in ways you have never felt before. Explore the world's most powerful and advanced sound and frequency delivery system. Upgrade your music listening experience!





The VASL Series 1 is one of the most advanced delivery systems available on the market today. We invite you to explore the possibilities of how you can apply our technology to your industry, business or lifestyle. We're changing the way business is done. 



"I want to thank the team at Holistic Health Science for introducing me to the Sound Lounge and helping me with that last push to get it! I'm in a place of awakening, transforming and creating the man I want to be, which is scary, exciting, unsettling and enlightening all wrapped into one. And the Sound Lounge has created a space for me to be able to contemplate, explore, be with my thoughts, listen and hear my heart. It also gives me a place to go to ease the anxiousness that can come from exploring a place that is uncomfortable and unsettling, albeit the path I know is right. I am grateful. "


Independent Vibroacoustic Visionary (written 8 days after setup)


"Love the sound lounge as a recovery tool from not only every day stresses of life, but also as a recovery tool for my elite Plank Pose training.  I had one demo on the VASL at a business conference and had the best night sleep EVER in a hotel room with two strangers.  (that says a lot right there!)  Flew home after the conference and couldn't get the VASL out of my mind.  Invested and restructured my home to make it a featured piece of furniture.  Love my VASL.  Great conversation piece too.  Since then, I've expanded the scope of the VASL by using it as my "planking platform" and now spend hours on it weekly as I train with world record holders to perfect longer plank pose holds through the Plank Training Club. Thank you HHS team!"


Awesome Angie

Independent Vibroacoustic Visionary


"Wow! As an energy healer who has worked in the sound bath and medicine world for years, this technology blew my mind. It's like having a shamanic SoundBath experience privately. I could come home to these everyday to unwind, instead of just turning on the tv. The abundance track, wow talk about wanting to get up and accomplish things! Thank you for sharing this next level experience with me!! Namaste"  


- Independent Vibroacoustic Visionary (After 1st Experience)

Elevate your listening experience now!