Purpose & Core Values


To improve the human condition.


Sensory Therapeutics



  • We have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. We seek to know and understand. Our team is committed to continuous education and development in our personal and professional lives. We realize that staying one step ahead of the curve endures success.


  • We are driven by creativity and the desire to search for better solutions. When we find a better solution, we get working on finding another one. We are resourceful, flexible and collaborative in our efforts, and we never stop improving. Innovation isn't a destination, is a journey.


  • We seek to catalyze positive change in others. Through education and training we bring new thoughts and ideas to the world. Our goal is to make products which inspire a better life for our customers and share the knowledge we accumulate along the way.


  • We are building a worldwide network of enlightened, mindful and uplifting people who assist in sharing our message. Anyone and everyone is included and we are grateful to walk side by side with such amazing humans.


  • We are not bystanders. We roll up our sleeves and get involved so we can contribute to the greatest outcome. We are fearless and unafraid. We are humble yet confident. We recognize our shortcomings and use them as motivation to improve. We are daring and dedicated. We put in the effort needed to attain goals and succeed.