Mission, Vision & Core Values


To optimize human performance and balance the body through sound, light & frequency.



To activate a worldwide network of Vibroacoustic Visionaries allowing our technology to be accessible to the world.



        • Ambitious. Bringing bold ideas to reality... We are committed to limitless pursuit of  the evolution of humanity by establishing a strong foundation of innovative ideas and products.
        • Innovative. Curiosity and creativity breads invention… History repeats itself with evolved capabilities. The genius of HHS is where ancient wisdom meets Modern technology…
        • Family (Community).  One world united by vibration… We are an open-hearted, compassionate, inclusive, community on a quest to make the world a better place and raise to the vibration of the planet. #WeAllVibeTogether
        • Inspired. Communicating with confidence and integrity… Our voice is expressed in the creation of quality products rooted from a strong scientific platform and innovative thought, to serve the highest good of all concerned.
        • Connected. This is bigger than us… It is agreed within HHS that we are all stewards of a universal plan. Our intention is to have the largest, collective impact possible.


We are raising the vibration of the planet, one VASL experience at a time! Figuratively and literally our technologies have this impact on the environments they occupy and those who coexist or reside near them. What a beautiful time to be alive! 


Thank you for being a part of the Vibroacoustic Evolution! 

By simply reviewing our website you are contributing. 

We are grateful and look forward to working with you!