Meet our Team

Dominic Carnevale Headshot

Dominic Carnevale M.A. --- Manager, Founder

Dominic Carnevale is the Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of Holistic Health Science.  He has a vast entrepreneurial experience having founded and acted as executive of several successful ventures after leaving his corporate career in 2002.  Dominic’s background is in Automation and Electrical Engineering. This has been instrumental in the development of products and creation of the manufacturing and logistics of Holistic Health Science products including the VASL Series. 

Dominic holds a B.S. in Business Management form Arizona State University and a MA in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. 

Craig Goldberg Headshot

Craig Goldberg --- President

We are proud to have Craig as a valuable addition to the Holistic Health Science team. Craig joins us with broad experience in sales, marketing and operations. He is a beacon for living a holistic, love filled lifestyle. This charismatic addition to the team takes great pride in meeting new people and making introductions. He has built his career on relationship marketing, professional networking and building community. Craig graduated from Baruch College in New York City with a B.A. in Business Communication and Psychology and a double minor in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management. Craig is a Certified Vibroacoustic Therapist, loves hosting events and regularly speaks on the Science of Mindfulness, the efficacy of Essential Oils, nutrition and Living a Healthy Life.

Originally from New York, he has lived most of his days between NYC and San Diego. Since 2017, Craig and his wife have been circling the US in their RV, operating HHS as a mobile executive. They document their travels, making videos about their #RVlife. Follow their journey on the road on

Craig brings a broad background of experience in many industries from companies small and large. He is passionate about our technology and eager to provide a demonstration, chances are good he'll be in your area very soon. An important ingredient to our growth is sharing our technology... the Sound Lounge is an experience and we look forward to coordinating your first session.

Jackie Quinn --- Executive Admin

Jackie is originally from Phoenix, Arizona where she graduated with honors and a B.S. in Digital Marketing from Arizona State University. After graduation, Jackie left her comfort zone to move to San Diego, CA without knowing a single soul. In San Diego, Jackie quickly created a life of social connection and meaning. She hasn’t looked back since. This adventure sparked the idea to share her personal experiences, lessons, and positivity with the world through her podcast, “Get Uncomfortable”. Jackie also sends out a weekly Monday Motivation newsletter to inspire her audience to take positive action in their own lives. She coins herself as an “opportunistic optimist”, finding joy in sharing her positivity simply because it uplifts her and everyone else around her too. You can join in on the good vibes at

Jackie has a passion for guiding others to see the world and themselves in a brighter light. She believes mindfulness and meditation are incredible tools that can transform lives and is excited to share those tools as part of the inHarmony team.