HHS Launches a New Website

Welcome to our new online home!

HHS is excited and honored to share our new online home with you and the great world wide web. We've built this company on a bootstrapped budget and have slowly grown our resources little by little. We started 2018 off with the launch of a custom website, built by me a small team from the ground up. At the time, our options were limited given what we were trying to build and the functionality we were hoping to have. A custom solution was the right choice at the time.

Ove the past year we have watch web tech explode in all the right ways. In assessing the marketplace we found several new options available and we're excited about the migration. What took us 1.5 months to architect was recreated in 10 hours. Today, we're making new additions to our website daily and we're excited about our online trajectory. As always, if you see room for improvement or would like to see a page we do not yet have, shoot a note or leave a comment here. We're excited to continue bringing you new content and resource. In addition to the new pages we've added, here are a few things we love about our new online home:

  • A smoother checkout process with updated payment options.
    • New: PayPal, Amazon, Venmo, Apply Pay, Google Pay & Stripe.
    • You can still checkout with Credit Cards: AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS & QuickSpark Business Financing.
  • Updated email and SMS notifications after checkout and through fulfillment.
  • Updated Product Description capabilities.
  • A snazzy store locator to find a VASL System near you either in a business, through a Visionary or a certified VAT Therapist in our community.
  • Language Translations: Spanish, French, Italian, German & Turkish.


Here are some new pages to have a look at. The headings and screenshots are links below!