Unlock the Full Therapeutic Power of Your Music!

Vibroacoustic Sound Lounges are fundamentally changing the way we listen to music.
Providing fun, therapeutic experiences in your home, office and practice.

Experience, mind-blowing, 3-Dimensional, full body sound through a
VibroAcoustic Sound Lounge a.k.a. VASL System

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Sound Therapy on Demand

Finally an in home/office system which allows you to control when you experience the therapeutic power of sound. Our Sound Lounge technology is the perfect addition to your environment. Whether in your private space or setup as a value add for your team. Introduce your community to the power of sound and music unlike anything you've experienced before.

In your Home

With today's hectic schedules, the whole family can benefit from some recovery time. Mom or Dad can always use a quick 7-10 minute breather. The kids could use a tool that helps them remain calm in the face of growing responsibilities. More than ever, we all need a little bit of peace and quiet throughout the day. In return for giving our body and mind a rest, it will respond with more energy, more capacity and more productivity. The Sound Lounge is great for the whole family and your community.

In your Office

"Corporate Wellness" is allowing for new approaches in employee care. Companies are learning the benefits of a strong, relaxed and well rested workforce. As wellness and nap rooms become more and more popular, a Sound Lounge is next level. The reality is your team is more valuable to the organization with a clear head. There are countless circumstances inside and outside your door which can negatively impact the mental agility of your team. Daily access to a Sound Lounge can turn it around.

For your Practice

Is your practice using the newest technology available? Viboracoustic technology could be revolutionizing your industry. We are regularly identifying new applications and industries it applies to and look forward to exploring more with you. Depending on the type of media being played through it, users can experience sound healing, virtual reality soundscapes, full body sonic massage, super learning, hypnosis, NLP and much more... all through a state-of-the-art acoustic delivery system.

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Private Club Spas

Massage Therapists

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Business Owners

Integrated Medicine Clinics

Health Spas

Functional Medicine Doctors

Sports Teams

Anti-aging Practitioners

Mental Health Specialists

Acupuncture Practitioners

Homeopathic Doctors



Corporate Wellness

Holistic Health Centers

Wellness Centers


Fitness Centers

NLP Practitioners

Athletic Trainers


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