Weekend Recovery with the Vibro-Acoustic Sound Lounge

Vibroacoustic Sound Lounge

Weekend Recovery with the Vibro-Acoustic Sound Lounge

What a weekend! I had wonderful time this past weekend! Friday my beautiful bride and I had a fine dinner with wine and cocktails, Saturday we took our son to SeaWorld and I finished the day off at the Padres Game and Sunday we found time to relax. However, as all good times come to an end I found myself with a terrible headache and in need of some down time and a nap. My attention was immediately drawn to the VASL Series I Vibro-Acoustic Sound Lounge from Holistic Health Science.

During this experience, I was really looking for something relaxing to get my head settled and allow for some detoxification and rest. I settled in, placed my headphones on and played a 20-minute Cell Cleanser track from Bioharmoinc Technologies. I have utilized this track many times in the past so I knew what to expect, a full relaxing experience. As the twenty minutes passed I brought myself to a deep meditated state and brought in white cleansing light through every cell in my body. It was refreshing and relaxing to feel spirit fill my cells with strong intentional cleansing. With the use of the sound meditation music I could physically feel the cleansing with the assistance of the VASL Series I Vibro-Acoustic Sound lounge.

Following the Cell Cleansing I decided to try something extremely new. Recently I came across and downloaded a sound healing application called Pain Killer 2.0. Whit this application you can select from a list of pain related symptoms and the maker of the application has set it to the correct vibration for optimum relief. With this application, I can play from my own music collection over the vibration of pain relief meditation sounds. I placed the time on 20 minutes and let the vibrations come through the sound lounge and fill my body with bliss. By the time the 20 minutes had completed I was zonked! Feeling the love of the Sound Lounge and grateful for the VASL Series I and Holistic Health Science.

To come out of my relaxed state I brought in some energetic light and blasted some ZZ Top through the VASL Series I sound lounge. Imagine being hit with a defibrillator after being in a coma. YES! After 20 minutes of therapy using sound and music meditation methods and the VASL Series I I was relieved of pain, rested and revived.

The experience I was feeling on a Chakra level was depleted energy in my Sacral and Solar Plexus chakra due to all the fun I was having. I love having fun and bringing light into the areas that were in need of a boost was a fantastic side effect of the work being done.

Thank you for reading!