Therapeutic Lights

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Therapeutic Lights

Light and Living Biology

Ninety-nine percent of all known living organisms require oxygen, water, nutrients, and light to survive. Our sun delivers a broad spectrum of light waves (photons) utilized by both plants and animals. Humans are built with the information to grow, mend bones and regenerate cells to heal wounds. Light, or photon energy, is a nutrient just like oxygen and protein. This energy is used by the body’s self-healing and recovery mechanisms.

The body uses photon energy to activate inherent healing mechanisms at each phase of the healing process. Increasing circulation, which brings needed nutrients to cell tissue, is one of the primary mechanisms of healing.

Researchers and engineers began experimenting with photonic energy in the 70’s and 80’s. Low level light therapy (LLLT) is a highly effective, self-administered intervention proven to activate the natural healing chemistry in humans and animals. Scientists have isolated specific light wave lengths (colors) and explored the operations of their physiologic effects on organic life over the past 50 years,.

Research suggests LED-generated red, blue, and infrared Therapeutic Light affect at least 24 positive changes at the cellular level. These changes are the result of the release of nitric oxide and the increase of ATP production. The different waves lengths have different penetrating depths in the skin.

Red light has been shown to increase and improve circulation, improve wound healing time. Red light delays exercise induced fatigue, improves post exercise recovery and protects cells from post exercise induced damage.

Blue light has been shown to help with brain chemistry modulation, improve day time alertness and mood. It also helps expedite the healing process of surface wounds.

Advanced healing technology for the mind, body, and spirit.