Root Chakra Balancing

color ornamental mandala on white paper background. Root Chakra

Root Chakra Balancing

Ever get the feeling you aren’t safe, that you don’t have enough money, That your relationships aren’t supporting you, Or that Your health can fail at any moment? These are all signs of your root chakra being out of balance or alignment.

The root chakra, also known as the 1st Chakra or Muladhara, deals with the basics of human survival. The root chakra is part of the chakra system which I like to reference as the spiritual body, which is our human, or physical bodies, connection to our true spirit form. These two bodies work within us and the 6th sense, otherwise known as intuition, can be activated with assistance from the chakra system. It’s all very fascinating.

When our minds begin to create fears as mentioned previously of our ability to survive in general the Root Chakra may be misaligned or out of balance. This, finding ways to bring this chakra back into balance may clear the path to remedying the feelings of fear.

The fears associated with an out of balance root chakra are vast.

The most severe concern is death. “I could die at any moment!” This it what causes Agoraphobia and Hypochondria symptoms; those who never leave the safety of their home and others who always have physical ailment. However, the simple concern of getting hurt doing a day to day task also fits in the other end of this category.

Financially: concerns of not having enough money is another fear associated with the root chakra. Sometimes this manifests into giving up, homelessness, or on the other end, workaholic behaviors which may lead to other physical ailments.

Where relationships are concerned an out of balance root chakra may be concern when relationships frequently fail. Distrust, judgment, shyness and fears of commitment come into this category. When the survival of a relationship is at risk the first chakra goes bonkers causing the remaining chakras to fall off balance.

Finally, in business. The First Chakra represents the basic needs of your business. Cash flow, a solid business plan, the right people and the right vision are necessary to feel safe in the business world.

The important part of this blog is to tell you that it is actually very simple to balance and align the first chakra. In my personal life I focus energy to maintain the health of my first chakra daily, sometime several times a day. If the first charka is healthy the remaining chakras follow.

Methods to balance the Root Chakra are many, however, most of them come from the simple task of allowing a vibration matching that of the root chakra to come into the presence of the physical body. For instance, the root charka color is a deep red; thus it is common to bring red items into the aurora. Stones that assist in the balancing of the root charka are Garnet, Jasper, Ruby, and Hematite (all red in orientation). I will wear Red clothing when I’m know I’m really out of wack. Scents such as Frankincense and Rosewood are used frequently. Then there are mantras “Lam” and “oh”; chanting these either out loud or internally during meditation helps the balancing act. Finally, the mudra is utilized frequently. A mudra is a hand gesture that brings intention to the body during meditation. If you have ever seen someone meditate with their hands on their knees, palm facing up, with the “OK” sign; that’s the Mudra intended to balance the first chakra.

However, as co-founder of Holistic Health Science and co-creator of the VASL Series Vibro-Acoustic Sound Lounge my favorite modality for balancing a chakra is though Sound Healing, Music Healing, and Sound Light and Frequency therapy. The exact true frequency for balancing the Root Chakra is 194.18 Hertz (Hz). It is a very soothing tone that reminds me of a soft French horn playing. Utilizing the VASL Series I sound lounge along with the Chakra Pro application for as little as 5 minutes can bring peace. Sometimes I put this on for a period of up to 8 hours while I sleep. However, there are more exciting ways to use the VASL Series I for Sound Healing in service to balancing chakras. There are tons of meditation music offerings available and Bioharmoinc Technologies has one particular track on the Energy Clearing CD titled Body Guided. This is a guided meditation that runs through all the charkas and, of course the Root Charka is first.

When using any device, like the Vibro-Acoustic sound lounge from Holistic Health Science, to balance a chakra it is always important to focus on bringing in white pure light and then guiding that light to the part on your physical body where that charka exists, then activate that white light to energize the chakra. In this case we are energizing the Root Chakra in a strong vibrant red color through meditation.

I hope this message finds you well and your root charka thanks you.

The Chakra Doctor